Released in 2001 by Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto III ( GTA 3 ) introduced the 3D, third-person, over-the-shoulder gameplay perspective to the Grand Theft Autoseries. GTA 3 also marked the return to Liberty City from GTA and introduced the main character €” Claude €” and his backstory, which has been integral to the overarching storyline.

GTA3 is still popular today, in part because it’s a hard game to win. The nonlinear, open-ended storyline enables you to move about the game world of Liberty City, completing missions at your leisure. As you play, however, you may run into difficult missions that hold you up. How can you get past these tough spots? GTA3 cheat codes to the rescue!

GTA3 is available on multiple platforms, including macOS, Android, and Xbox. The cheats and cheat codes mentioned in this article are specific to GTA3 on Windows.

Enable GTA3 Cheats

This list details all the known GTA3 cheat codes for Windows and the resulting effect on gameplay. To enable a GTA3 cheat, enter its code during gameplay. Although in this article GTA3 cheat codes appear in uppercase letters, codes are not case sensitive.

Unlike cheat codes in Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the follow-up to GTA3 , you can’t disable cheats in GTA3 once you’ve activated them. To reset or disable cheats, restart the game or reload a saved game.

If after you try the GTA3 cheats you still have trouble getting through a certain mission, enemy, or area in Liberty City, check out the list of GTA3 video cheats and walkthroughs at the end of this article.», «Many of the walkthroughs found here and on other websites provide a step-by-step guide to get past those difficult parts of the game. They’re also a great way to extend your gameplay and have more fun with GTA3 .

GTA3 Cheats by Type

Cheats for GTA3 fall into four categories: general gameplay, vehicles, weapons, and weather.

General Gameplay

Gain speed, attack with abandon, grab the money, and drive!


Handle your ride with ease, and bring in reinforcements.


Guns, baby. Guns.


Use the weather to your advantage to outsmart opponents.

GTA3 Video Cheats and Walkthroughs

The following GTA3 walkthroughs are external YouTube videos:

  • Grand Theft Auto III Walkthrough: Part 1: The first in a three-part series by AndromedaDude, this GTA3 walkthrough provides detailed information and guidance on all the missions set on Portland Island. This and the other two parts in the series are for Playstation 2 but applicable to Windows.
  • Grand Theft Auto III Walkthrough: Part 2: The second part of the walkthrough series covers most of the missions that take place on Staunton Island. The walkthrough runs for about an hour and 50 minutes.
  • Grand Theft Auto III Walkthrough: Part 3: The final walkthrough video from AndromedaDude covers the remaining GTA3 missions and gameplay not found in the first two videos of this series.