Unlike Star Wars, which is all housed on Disney+, there’s currently no way to watch all 13 Star Trek movies on a single streaming service. Instead, you’ll need to boldly go (sorry) to multiple platforms in order to watch every movie in the legendary sci-fi franchise.

The majority of the movies are available to stream on either Hulu or Amazon Prime, but you’ll also need to dip into less popular services like Fubo or CBS All Access to track down the rest.

Although having knowledge of The Original Star Trek Series, The Next Generation, and other Star Trek TV series is helpful, it’s not essential for enjoying the movies. That said, the movies are separated into three distinct eras, so you’ll want to at least be familiar with those before venturing into the final frontier.

This article only covers Star Trek movies that were released theatrically. It doesn’t include TV series like The Next Generation and Deep Space, or canonical adaptations across other media.

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How to Watch the Star Trek Movies in Chronological Order

As mentioned above, the Star Trek movies can be separated into three eras. The first era covers the “Prime” timeline started by Gene Roddenberry’s original series from the 1960s and features James T. Kirk and Spock. This era spans six films, beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture and ending with Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

The second era is spun off from Star Trek: The Next Generation and features characters from that TV series. Fittingly, these are known as The Next Generation films. Finally, the Kelvin timeline kicked off with the J. J. Abrams-directed Star Trek in 2009. This era is an alternate timeline featuring a significantly different history from the “Prime” universe.

If you were to watch all 13 Star Trek movies in one sitting, it would take you just over 25 hours. But if you were to add in the seven TV shows, that time would climb to nearly 25 days .

How to Watch the Star Trek Movies in Order of Release

The great thing about Star Trek is that the movies were released chronologically, so you’ll be following the exact same order as above if you want to watch them based on the release date.