Watching your favorite shows has gotten much easier over the years, whether you’re catching up on new episodes or marathoning an old favorite. Thanks to the Nintendo Switch now you can feast your eyes on everything Hulu has to offer whether you’re at home or riding the train on your commute to work.

If you aren’t already familiar with Hulu, it’s a streaming video service that delivers classic tv, current favorites, and excellent original programming you can only get through the app.

Connect your Nintendo Switch to the internet.

Open the Nintendo eStore.

Search for Hulu.

Download Hulu from the Nintendo eStore.

Open Hulu from the Nintendo Home menu.

Login to your Hulu account and start watching!

Getty Images / Chesnot

When You’re Ready to Watch Hulu

While the Hulu app is free for download through the Nintendo eStore, it does require a subscription in order to watch all of your favorite shows. If you don’t already have a Hulu membership, then you can opt-in for a free trial. Just keep in mind that when your trial is over, you will start to get charged the monthly membership fee.

That membership fee will also differ depending on which tier of service you decide to go for. The four tiers range from €8 to €44 each month, depending on whether you are willing to suffer commercials or want access to live tv.

You’ll also need a decent internet connection in order to stream your favorite shows.1.5Mbps is required for standard definition playback, while high definition will need a download speed of 3.0Mbps. If you’re hoping to watch live tv through Hulu, then you’ll need a download speed of 8Mbps or higher for quality resolution streaming.

Open Hulu.

Search for the show you want to watch.

Select the show and start watching!